Chandler Breakrooms & Vending is the ultimate destination for revitalizing breakroom services in Chandler, Phoenix, and Casa Grande. Our mission is straightforward: We redefine the breakroom experience with innovative solutions centered around your convenience. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your breakroom is consistently stocked with the highest-quality offerings. Through our meticulous white-glove approach, we handle every detail, allowing you to effortlessly transform your breakroom into a beloved space. Elevate beyond the traditional vending with Chandler Breakrooms & Vending Micro-Markets and create a haven where employees can recharge, rejuvenate, and thrive throughout their workday. Contact Us Today!

Our Unique Value Proposition:

WE HIGHLIGHT WHAT WE DO WELL.  What makes us DIFFERENT is we focus on our service, our attention to detail, our caring about our customers, our seamless self-checkout experience, and product diversification.  We give your employees an improved experience by providing quick, healthy snacks and food options, beverages including energy drinks, etc.  

We’ve already helped countless businesses. I’m confident we can do the same for you. Let us remove the burden of break room management, so you can focus on what truly matters — growing your business and enhancing employee satisfaction. Your employees deserve the best, and we’re here to deliver it.  There is never any cost to your business. Our services are completely FREE!  Try it out for a free 30-day trial period, with no contracts.  Keep your current vending.  

Variety and Quality:

  • Micro markets offer a wider variety of fresh and healthy food options compared to traditional vending machines. This includes items like salads, sandwiches, and fruits, which wouldn’t be available otherwise. Higher quality food can lead to happier and more productive employees.


  • Micro markets operate 24/7, providing employees with the convenience and flexibility to access healthy food and drinks at any time without leaving the office. This can be especially beneficial because it enables employees to quickly and easily take a break from their work without leaving the office.

Improved Employee Morale:

  • Having a micro market in an office break room can improve the morale of the employees as well as the overall work environment. It’s a place where employees can socialize, relax, and recharge during their breaks. Micro Markets can truly promote a sense of community within the office.


  • Unlike vending machines, Micro Markets can be tailored to fit the specific needs and preferences of the employees. This can include stocking specific brands or types of food based on employee feedback.

Increased Productivity:

  • By eliminating the need for employees to leave the office for snacks or meals, a micro market can save time and boost productivity.


Technology Integration:

  • Our USER-FRIENDLY “app-based” payment system not only improves the user experience but also allows for faster checkout as there are NO lines to wait in. 


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